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She played her part well, make no mistake, but that little pussy of hers owned me. And I didn't mind one motherfucking bit.” Books in Million Dollar Duet should.
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When to Rob a Bank Who Cut the Cheese? Who Cut The Cheese? Who Is Lou Sciortino? You're With Me Again song for soprano and piano on the lyrics by I. The sequel cannot arrive fast enough. When a matter of life and death threatens to tear apart her family, Delaine makes the ultimate sacrifice. Now she belongs to Noah Crawford, a wealthy mogul who introduces her to a seductive feast of the senses, awakening desires she only dreamed about.

The inexperienced beauty will learn to satisfy his every sensual need, yet never touch his heart. Almost immediately their relationship generates heat—in more ways than one. When they fight, they take no prisoners. When they love, they show no mercy. But soon, their intense, physical bond will take an unexpected turn—evolving into something neither has bargained for: the promise of a lasting love. The chemistry is absolutely there, the back and forth bantering, the punishments, and the tender moments. I am looking forward to the next one for sure as we are left with a bit of a cliffhanger.

If I had to sum this story up in three words, they would be thrilling, dangerous and addictive. Teshnehlab Is the death of feminism imminent?

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Parker is a romance author who writes stories that sizzle. In her world, everything truly does happen for a reason. Average Review. Write a Review. From what I can see, readers either hated it or truly loved it. Well, I loved it! I have to be honest though. Being in desperation, she took the plunge and sold herself into a two year contract to be a sex slave.

There was no whining about it. Delaine simply sucked it up pun and went about her task.

But then again, with a man like Noah, you would just forget about everything. Their romance was unconventional, but once they fell in love, I thought it was sweet and dreamy. She had outrageous terms for body parts and her thoughts sometimes were silly but funny none the less. She reminded me of some PNR heroines who are snarky, has hilarious comebacks and banters. Noah on the other hand was more on the serious and on the horny side of things. This guy was insatiable. His purpose for purchasing Delaine was pure mechanical.

He was to have his way, in any way, without any emotional attachments. Well, can that really happen in a two year contract? Especially if they are both attracted to each other? But then because he was hurt bad before, I guess I can understand his reasons. He can be sweet if he wanted to and most definitely sexy. And talk of which, this book had plenty of steamy scenes that had me fanning for air. Yeah, Ms.

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Parker can write them pretty well. She may have written the best BJ lesson scene for Parker and from what I can see, she has a good grip on what an entertaining read is. I was definitely captivated with her characters and scenes that had me reading from one page to the next. And as a mother, I would rather die than to let my daughter do such a thing.

But I took this novel for the fiction that it is and enjoyed my read. I do have to mention that I was a bit surprised that this was a fan fic based novel. I was even more shocked that Ms. Parker admits it and gives recognition to the person that inspired her.

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I give her credit. Ash5 More than 1 year ago Why would a woman sell herself? Two million dollars! The result is a steamy erotic novel filled with passion. I loved this book from the first few pages. I couldn't put it down.

Million Dirty Secrets: Million Dollar Duet

Five Stars. Anonymous More than 1 year ago This is one of the best books that I have read and lord knows I have read a lot. I was so into this book I stayed up till five in the morning reading it. I love me some Noah.

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Titis book will have you hot as a fire cracker and laughing your but off. Thank you for giving me the feeling I haven't felt in a book in a very very long time. With that all said, I'm not sure how useful my input will be, but I'll tell you what I thought and let you go from there Some of you may know from reading other reviews and things that this started out several years ago as Twilight FanFic. The concept is a familiar one - twenty-something virgin hooks up with hot billionaire business tycoon for hot sex.

A Million Dirty Secrets: Million Dollar Duet

And the nicknames Yeah, gotta love it! Now here's where I'm probably not much help This is book 1 of a Duet, so it does end on a pretty big cliff hanger, but the next book will be out before we know it. Please follow the detailed Help center instructions to transfer the files to supported eReaders. Continue the series. See more. Similar ebooks. Playing Dirty: Monkey Business Trio. From C.

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Parker comes the start of an irresistible new series in which competition is the ultimate seduction. Only one woman stands in his way: rival agent Cassidy Whalen. That is, until Cassidy turns the tables—and their steamy encounters start breaking all the rules. As Cassidy shares night after night of unending passion with Shaw, the game begins to change. Now Cassidy stands to lose everything—unless a fiery contest of wills can become a winning proposition for two people who keep raising the stakes.

Playing Dirty is intended for mature audiences. Readers will be eager to read the sequel, hoping for more rough and dirty sexual acrobatics, friendship, backstabbing, and empathy. Her characters are complex, with long and sometimes turbulent pasts that they have overcome, that still continues to affect their present. I cannot wait to see where she takes this new series. Though we both carry secrets and scars, our shared passion heals us, binding us together.

We have surrendered to each other completely, and our mutual ecstasy is the brightest light in my life. But darkness still snakes through the cracks in our armor. Ghosts from our past have moved in, bringing fresh pain that cuts deep and threatens to destroy everything we hold dear. Damien is my anchor to this world, and I am his. But if we are going to keep each other, we have to fight the shadows of our pasts to move forward into our future. Kenner's Say My Name. Praise for J.