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Editorial Reviews. Review. Joyce, I received your book and couldn't put it down! I' ve been taking your webinars for quite some time, and this book gives so many.
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And it was that letter that convinced her to take a chance. I flew to 34 different states teaching people. Then they invited me on board to sell for the company. This was around and had worked for the company for a number of years and had put hundreds of people into the business.

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At the time my wife was pregnant with our first son and she had to travel 40 miles back and forth to work every day. We were doing okay financially so I mentioned to her that she could stay at home, and start her own business if she wanted to. That resonated with her and so I wrote up a quote and sold my wife our first single-head embroidery machine. That story is the same as so many of our other customers.

Where someone is a car salesman, plumber, teacher. Whatever they do, this is not their favorite thing. Th e dream is that you want to have your own business, in something that is more interesting and fun to do. In a lot of ways, embroidery is perfect, because you can get a single-head machine and fit it in a back bedroom.

So are the newer t-shirt printing machines. No, they were not. I believe we put it on a credit card for part of it and then financed the rest. We did really well.

Successful t shirt entrepreneur

Her mom came in to help with production and at the same time we purchased a second embroidery machine to be able to do two things at once. Getting up and running is so much more affordable. We position our customers to grow. So that they can upgrade their machine to a multi-head or router their machines together.

The one thing I have learned, even before I got into being an embroidery business owner, is that if you just maintain, and you maintain long enough, work begins to push itself to you. I t was probably withing our second year that we began to get to the point where more sales were coming in from unexpected sources than from us having to sell every job. If you build it they will come. You have to find that balance, but if you are doing good work consistently and not focusing on trying to save ten cents on backing , it is going to gravitate towards you.

Branding company

I actually continued to work while my wife ran the business. It was mostly through churches, through associations, networks we new at church, people we had met in business. Advertising is good if you get to a certain point in your business. Much later on when I had left Coldesi to work the business full-time, advertising helped to cement our name.

In it is exactly what Tom just talked about. You go to church, you go to business groups, you go to youth sports leagues. Do you ever need any? When you break it down, if someone is dressing nicely as a contract worker, it helps them look professional. Customers would much rather give an order to a small, local business owner. Ask people: would you rather buy your produce from a little local shop that you know, or would you rather buy it from a big store? Almost everyone you run into would rather support a small business.

Especially from someone they know. How did you get those orders? We are contracting with someone to do some professional video work for Coldesi. Over the course of ten years in the embroidery business, we had our ups and downs. We had a retail location, but when the recession hit in we had to go back into our house for a a couple years.

5 Reasons Why You Should Start an Embroidery Business - Apparel Academy (Ep. 1)

Little by little we just kept sticking with it and it kept going. Then it all clicked. The second time we went into a retail location we were very successful at it. We added screen print the next year, we added a t shirt printer, multiple embroidery machines. I probably had one of the first DTG t shirt printer machines ever made. Just before we sold we were at a 3, square feet facility.

And all of this in the course of twelve years. I believe that any business that has that attitude will be able to stick through it. Not a lot of new businesses are going to do just embroidery or just direct to garment printing or rhinestones or vinyl. We had the digital t shirt printing machine within a year and a half to two years. We did that because we were selling embroidery to people and then they would also need screen printing. And we would sometimes find out that the customer only went through us for the screen printing because they already had the contract with us for the embroidery.

I felt like I needed to have that as a piece of my arsenal to prevent my customers from leaking away. The ability to be very nimble can prevent customers from leaking away. About every other year we would add something new.

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Where we did a lot of signs and banners at the beginning, we backed out of that once we had an automated screen print press that could do a thousand shirts a day. In the beginning, those little patch orders might be something you say yes to. Whereas other businesses choose to stop doing that. But in the beginning, you got to be able to go out there and get a taste of everything so you can find your niche. Having multiple custom apparel machines gives you the ability to grow. There were times when it was an all night affair.

Friends and family would come in just to help out. Jerseys spread out all across the shop. Little kids can come in a weave vinyl or pick up trash, or put t-shirts in boxes. Kids want to do anything you want to do. Anything you want to do, your 5 years will want to do with you. So if you do this business you can bring your kids in to help out with little things, because they love to be a part of it. My kids grew up with embroidery machines. Their products are perfect for companies, events, and individuals. Welcome to Icon Creativ! With a passion for stylish apparel and an understanding of the needs of our customers, our goal is to deliver products with impact, comfort, and value.

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