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I'm about to graduate from university, my SO & I live together, and we've got adorable sweet cats who snuggle. The arbitrarily set date doesn't.
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First, though, why would anyone keep living together after calling it quits? Staying under the same roof after divorce or breakup is increasingly common these days for a couple of reasons, but the biggest one is financial.

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Not everyone can just keep the family home and crash in the guest house like Ben Affleck did when he split from Jennifer Garner. And in general, more people than ever live together as it is — some 18 million unmarried couples are in cohabiting relationships now, up nearly 30 percent in the last decade alone. How long does the nightmare last?

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By one estimate, most couples who are forced to stay together after breaking up tend to do so for a duration of between one and three months before finding an escape hatch. In another , 62 percent stayed anywhere from a month to a year.

And even if you do agree to do it for positive reasons, it will still suck. Nightmare City. Like any painful experience that promises dreaded Personal Growth on the other side of it — grief, cleaning out a basement, committing to a new exercise routine — even the best version of it is still going to fuck your shit up in some way or another.

That seemed to be the case for a guy on Reddit, who recently asked how to keep living with his girlfriend who turned down his proposal and asked him to buy her out of his half of the house, but is still trying to figure out if she wants to be together.

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Know why? Because seeing someone every day that dumped you is hellacious on the heart, and seeing someone every day that you dumped is hellacious on the guilt. And whichever one you are, it just blows.

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In another couple, post-breakup they talk through it, have dinner most nights and sleep in the same bed like normal before parting ways amicably. But it was only three weeks. But not everyone can leave immediately. No judgment. Still, you should expect it to really, really blow to stay. I know it sounds counterintuitive to expect negativity if you stay, which goes against all our most cherished notions of putting a happy face on everything.

But hear me out: Knowing something will be hard and shitty can stop you from complaining the whole way through or having your hopes dashed at every turn. Instead, brace yourself for the suck. Look yourself in the mirror every morning and tell yourself: This, in no uncertain terms, is going to blow. Now how in the living hell do I pull this shitty thing off?


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Expect it, because if nothing else, it will maybe, just maybe, make you go easier on each other. I'm just trying to make the moments count Eyes read, stressing my soul.

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